Welcome To

The Kimberly Weeks Freedom Academy

The official private training academy and support community for abuse survivors of covert emotional, psychological
and narcissistic abuse. 


If you've spent years and countless hours researching what's happening in your relationship, thousands of dollars with counselors, pastors and therapists and still feel empty, broken and at the end of your rope, 

this recovery community is a place for you to recover, heal and discover who you are on the other side of trauma.


Healing happens here!


What We Offer

The Kimberly Weeks Freedom Academy (KWFA) offers trauma-informed training, equipping, & support for individuals and groups who've experienced abuse at the hands of those in power or authority. 


We'll walk alongside you, spur you on & lift you up.  Our community will be a holding space for hope to anchor you.


Why We Do It

People have suffered in silence globally without knowledge, understanding & backing when abused.  At KWFA, we believe in teaching & equipping survivors to make choices in their best interest.


Psycho-education and practical tools help you learn to regulate your system and grow your own window of tolerance for stress.

How We Do It

We support survivors through trauma-informed education, practical steps & tools a safe environment that allows for relational repair.  If abuse happened in relationship, it must be healed in relationship.


You'll have a safe place to process trauma and you can come as you are and say what you need. We're here to help you through the process.

Who It's For

People who have been abused in their homes, at work or in their church.  KWFA will deal with the impact of taboo realities by addressing what's really going on & support the long-term changes needed in recovery.


Expert coaching will provide guidance & peer support will reinforce your steps on the healing path.



Created For Your Journey

We have created an experience that we hope you will appreciate and provide the care and support you'll need through your process.



Work at your own pace

We have made our coursework open to all members.


Understanding that people are in different places in their process, we will journey through the stages of healing and members can dive in where they are in their healing. 


Readiness prevents re-traumatization for survivors and helps titrate healing.  Each survivor will be organically led to unpack and process different parts of their recovery and we empower our members to do that at your own pace and timing.  

User Friendly

Healing path in one place

We have created a platform that is easy to access and navigate.  As IAOTRC  trained trauma recovery coaches, we know that healing in not linear and each person's mind will benefit from having one place to find as many resources as possible. 


We have worked hard to alleviate all of your frustrations and insecurities about technology housing the content in one place, so that your experience can be as enjoyable and impactful as possible.

24/7 All Access

Updating library for your reference

We understand that healing does not happen in a vacuum.  Work schedules, kids, ministry responsibilities and care for your families is vital to give your attention and to have a place to apply what you are learning.  


Our goal is to be there for you whenever you need us to be.  We do that by granting 24/7 access to all of our tools and resources. If any live class, webinar, or teaching is missed, it will be available at your convenience.  The timing for you will be just as it should be and nothing will be missed. 

Client Care

Ready to serve & support

Our goal is to make sure that your experience with the Kimberly Weeks Freedom Academy is life changing.  We have a well trained support team ready to assist you with any of your needs.


The membership site will house a helpdesk for ease of communication for members throughout your time in the academy.



Want to Hear More about KWFA?

A Deeper Look at our HOW

Here is a closer look at how we plan on supporting you as you unpack, recover and heal your life and relationships from toxicity to health.


  • Virtual Recovery Trainings

    One of the primary ways that you will be equipped is in our weekly live virtual trainings. These trainings are designed to equip you holistically. The trainings are primarily focused on trauma-informed principles & tools for awareness, understanding and psycho-education from abuse. 


    You will gain immediate access to these trainings upon enrollment. 

  • Soaking Sessions

    Receiving is a big part of the recovery process;  One that many survivors have not experienced safely.   Survivors need a safe space to be validated and encouraged as they tend to their wounded parts.  Soaking through sound and meditation is a key component of the KWFA culture. This practice will support a new form of self-care for members.

  • Private Community

    KWFA is a community for collective co-regulation.  We heal & thrive when we do life together.


    Our objective is to create an environment where you can find comfort in shared experiences, hold space while healing and come alongside one another.  We've been very intentional about providing a space where you as a survivor know you are not alone.

  • Vault Sessions

    Lamenting and grieving are key components in the healing process.  Many survivors have been without a place to process their grief and receive practical tools.  This includes learning how to ask for what you need and want as you recover.  Placing requests real-time in the community vault will help survivors as their bodies rewire.

  • Monthly Courses & Webinars

    We are excited about the monthly courses and webinars that will be made available to all of our members. These courses will be released every 2nd Tuesday of the month.


    We have recovery tracks for survivors who are in toxic relationships, are separated, are divorced/broken up, and those dealing with abuse aftermath. Our coursework is catered to each one of those recovery milestones, and the actionable items (healing work, action steps) are specific to each status. 

  • Member Discounts

    We believe that there should be advantages to memberships. You will receive a 10% discount on all KWFA products and live events. 


The KWFA Healing Path 

The KMFA Experience was created to support your healing through the following stages.  These stages are not linear and like the grieving process, flow at the pace of your need,  your season, and what life organically presents to you.


Hear from clients who've benefited from coaching...

My life has been greatly impacted by Coach Kimberly Weeks. She not only unlocked my potential, but she also walked with me as I  faced the traumas that were controlling my life. She helped me understand where certain patterns started and how they were operating in my present situations. I have now discovered that my true life is just beginning. Now I look forward to health in my relationships and a healthy future marriage. I promise you, the time spent with her will change your life.  I now coach others in dating and relationships and have stepped into my life calling.

Bryan Thomas

Relationship & Dating Coach

I was referred to Kim at time where my toxic marriage was intensely unraveling and I was experiencing a lot of raw emotions. Kim spoke with complete understanding, compassion and wisdom. She offered a safe space with clarity while allowing me to be where I was in my process and honor myself and my feelings with every step.  The tools and skills she taught gave me strength and empowered me to move forward in my recovery. I am so grateful for her willingness to connect with me in my lowest hour. I am now thriving and sharing my story to help others.

Tressie Renee

The MoveMeant Master

After three years of intense psychological, emotional, verbal, mental, and physical abuse in my marriage, I filed for divorce. I was in shock and I needed support because I didn’t have the support of my family.


Through joining a couple of divorce support groups, I saw a few posts of Kimberly’s and I paid attention. Within a couple of days, I reached out to her and have been a weekly client for months now. As someone who has been through years of professional and “spiritual” counseling through various ministries the world over, no one has validated my heart and heartbreak more than Kimberly has while also giving me incredible tools for self care, healing, and hope for my todays! 


She addresses both the natural impact of abuse on the body, but also the spiritual impact on your hope.   I HIGHLY recommend her coaching.

Suzanne Bowen

Mom of two, founder of Suzanne Bowen Fitness, creator of BarreAmped (r)

Jesus has unlimited freedom and healing available to you, and He has anointed Kimberly Weeks to coach you through her Freedom Academy.


Kimberly comes with profound personal and professional knowledge about how trauma negatively impacts the physical mind and the spiritual core of a person. She brings her own experience of having walked through her own freedom journey, and now she is equipped and anointed to bring freedom to others.

I cannot think of a more timely and important ministry for so many. Kimberly‘s ministry is rooted in a deep level of intercession and compassion for people, foundation of scriptural truth, professional research, and her own healing journey. Her ministry is the real deal! It is led by the Holy Spirit. If you want to walk in your freedom and want your life back, this is your academy!

Dr. Melissa Rosenberg

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, PhD, NCC


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to make sure you are safe and feel at home in KWFA. Here are a few of the most 

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