Men and Abuse

According to National Domestic Violence statistics,

1 in 9 men experience severe intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner sexual violence, and/or intimate partner stalking with impacts such as injury, fearfulness, post-traumatic stress disorder, use of victim services, and contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. 


 Those statistics may be lower than what really occurs since men do not readily come forward to report domestic violence publically or to law enforcment.  Men express feeling immasculated, traumatized, muzzled, and helpless when they experience DV with an intimate partner, a parent or someone in authority in their workplace.  They are often met with their manhood being questioned,

laughter/jokes,  the devaluation of their experience and the impact of the abuse being minimized.


Without tools and strategies to handle these situations wisely, many men relatiate or attempt to defend themselves and end up being the ones reported.  This is called reactive abuse where a person who is being abused reacts physically or verbally to establish safety.  Without the proper resources, many men, like women,  suffer in silence.


There is a huge deficit in support for survivors of narcissistic abuse.  While resources are available in multiple places (i.e. books, podcasts, courses, etc,)  men also need a community to apply these tools in the safety of other survivors who've had the same experience. 


The Kimberly Weeks Freedom Academy (KWFA) was created in 2020 to provide that healing space for ALL survivors of abuse and childhood trauma. 


KW Freedom Academy serves both men and women who have experienced domestic violence and abuse.  Both need support to disrupt the patterns, principles & practices that have led to relational abuse.  KMFA supports survivors through ongoing teaching, coaching, a supportive community and access to resources and recovery tools.


Men will be equipped with the language and understanding of what happened in their abuse, whether past or present, where the pattern began in their childhood and how to break the cycle of self-abandonment for acceptance and approval.  We welcome male survivors to join us and get the help needed to heal.



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